Saturday, June 9, 2012

Creating An Unbasement-Like Basement

We continue to make good progress renovating the basement for our client who wants to take advantage of this spacious, but under-utilized area in his new house. The plastering of the ceiling and walls is done, and it looks great.

After the plastering is done

Trim and doors upstairs

What makes the new basement rooms seem to be an extension of the rest of the house is matching the trim, windows and doors.  The trim upstairs consists of simple but elegant casings.  The raised panel doors have two insets, and the top one is arched.  The casings and doors are painted white.


Trim and door in the basement

We use the same materials in the new basement even on the wide opening between rooms. 

NOTE: Before we installed the doors and door jams, we made sure to seal the bottoms with Kilz.  Although we found no evidence of water, leaving unfinished wood exposed is never a good idea, especially in a basement.

The next steps to finish our basement will be the installation of cabinetry and the templating of countertops.  Look for future postings about this part of the job.

Craig Carter